Pancake recipes around the world
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Date: Updated 2004 - 2014



'Ideal with sour cream - and caviar, if you're feeling expansive.'

Dawn Marchpane tucks into some Shrove Tuesday recipes.

How about trying something more exotic than lemon juice on your pancake? Check out our guide to world pancake cuisine. Click on the country name to see the full recipe.

Argentina - This Patagonian recipe stacks layers of crepes into a millefeuille, with 'milk jam' between each one.

Austria - Kaiserschmarrn is a sweet treat favoured by the emperor Franz Joseph, and includes raisins soaked in rum.

Canada - Canadian pancakes are moister than American ones. Here's a recipe from Quebec - serve with maple syrup, of course.

China - Chinese pancakes are fried in sesame oil - ideal with duck. Or with chinese mushrooms instead of duck, as chef Simon Rimmer recipe explains.

Finland - Ideal for the sweet tooth, these should be served with jam, whipped cream, berries, cinnamon and sugar, honey or maple syrup.

France - The French excel at crepes, of course - how about trying this regional recipe from Brittany, originally made for Candlemas, and ideal with a bowl of cider.

Germany - These apple pancakes are baked in the oven and make a great breakfast treat.

India - These savoury pancakes pack a punch, with ginger, garlic and cayenne. Mung beans are also part of the recipe.

Mexico - The renowned Mexican pancake equivalent is the tortilla of course - but why not try these after-dinner pancakes, made with cornmeal.

Netherlands - 'Flensjes' are crepe cakes, usually made with apples (and rhubarb when in season), served cut into wedges.

Nigeria - These pancakes are served with beans, tomatoes and shrimp, making a complete meal.

Norway - Krumkakes are thin, crisp, cone-shaped cookie-like crepes, often served at Christmas. They are made with a special iron that leaves a decorative pattern, but a crepe pan will do.

Poland - Nalesniki are thin like crepes, and served with a special cottage cheese filling.

Russia - In Russia, the pancake of choice is the blini - small and thick, ideal with sour cream - and caviar, if you're feeling expansive.

United States - American pancakes are particularly thick, and served with maple syrup and butter, and perhaps a little vanilla.

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