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'Perhaps more than any other part of the Second World War, the events of D-Day have captivated film-makers'

June 6th is the anniversary of D-Day, the date when the allied invasion of Europe in the Second World War began. Andy Chapman and Andy Jackson present a guide to some of the resources, memorials and recollections online.

This site offers links to personal accounts of the events, largely from an American and French perspective.

The BBC has a guide to the 70th anniversary for D-Day, events and a timeline of events leading up to the landings.

D-day 60 Years On The BBC's microsite from 2004 features numerous British, French and American veterans' memories and a summary of the events.

D-day Timeline The American Experience is a TV show documenting people's experiences of life-changing events of all kinds - including a series of special features and first-hand accounts of events.

Top 5 Movies About D-day Perhaps more than any other part of the second world war, the events of D-day have captivated film-makers.

From Where Eagles Dare to Saving Private Ryan, this site presents brief summaries. For more detail, visit the Internet Movie Database.

D-day Map Archive This site is no longer live on the internet, but has been preserved by the Internet Archive. The maps are originally from the US Center for Military History.

The British Library has an exhibition in its maps section.

The UK D-day Museum Based in Portsmouth, this museum has a large collection of memorabilia.

The US D-day Museum America's museum is in New Orleans, and offers the opportunity for veterans and their families to record their own memories.

The US National D-day Memorial Foundation Based in Bedford, Virginia, the foundation is establishing a new museum and memorial complex.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission A searchable database of war graves across the world, including British and Commonwealth memorials to D-day in Normandy.

See also the American Battle Monuments Commission and the French Normandie Memoire website.