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A-Z of Eco A-Z of Eco: E-F
A Surefish A to Z Series about the environment, by Suzanne Elvidge
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Presents Present Aid gift guide
A host of ideas from Present Aid, Christian Aid's charity gifts website
Presents Traidcraft gift guide
A huge selection of gift ideas from the 2011 Traidcraft offering. Buy them here and raise money for Christian Aid
Presents Eco gift guide
A whole sack load of eco gifts from under £10 to more than £100. Buy them here and raise money for Christian Aid
Fireworks Eco-friendly fireworks
How can you be as green as possible on Bonfire Night?
Recycling bins Reduce, reuse, recycle
Suzanne Elvidge wonders if recycling is still really the best route to be planet-friendly
Plug sockets Power to the people
Suzanne Elvidge asks if you can really generate your own power
Flags Power to the people
A royal wedding means street parties but other celebrations also move outside when the sun comes out. How can they be greener?
Make do and mend
Make do and mend – mending, repairing and doing it yourself, a guide by Suzanne Elvidge
Daffodils Ethical myths
Being green is sometimes hard work – it’s easier to put stuff in the bin than drop it off at the recycling bank, and its quicker to dry washing in the tumble drier than wait for a fine day and peg it out
Mothering Sunday gifts
Andy Jackson looks around the ‘net to see what gifts can be bought to say 'with love' and 'with thanks'
Fairtrade passes £1bn
As part of this year's Fairtrade Fortnight, the Fairtrade Foundation reports that sales of fairtrade goods have passed the £1bn mark

Valentine's Day gifts
A range of eco and ethical gifts for your loved ones

Ethical banking
With all the issues of global banking that have been in the news over the last year or two, it’s clear that some parts of the banking industry are not as ethical as we would like
Eco kids and toys
Suzanne Elvidge offers a guide to eco-friendly toys and clothes for our little ones

Eco summer reads
The summer holidays mean a chance to relax a little and catch up with some reading. Here is a stack of books with an eco theme to start you off on a 2010 word fest
Greener schools
Suzanne Elvidge wonders how green our schools can be
A greener workplace
It sometimes seems that we spend as much (or more) time in the office as we do at home, so it’s just as important to make the effort to be green at work
Surefish Shop
The Surefish Shop raises money for Christian Aid when you buy goods from its high street, eco, and other online stores
> Shop here

Surefish Traidcraft shop
Buy Traidcraft cards, Fairtrade cards, decorations, calendars, puddings, ceramics, napkins and cakes, which raises money for Christian Aid

A greener living room
Suzanne Elvidge offers ways of having a more ecologically-friendly front room
Back to school
Suzanne Elvidge looks at how to go back to school greener
Have an eco summer
Suzanne Elvidge offers ways of having a more ecologically-friendly summer
Dale Vince interview
Andy Jackson speaks to Dale Vince, the founder of Ecotricity
Nigel Berman interview
Suzanne Elvidge meets Nigel Berman, of Nigel's Eco Store fame
If you have old stuff that can't be sold on eBay, there may be someone near to where you live who wants it. Suzanne Elvidge explains
Eco cleaning
What seems to be such a simple thing — cleaning the kitchen, the windows, the loo — is just the beginning of a whole ethical debate. Suzanne Elvidge finds out more
Home-made presents
Why not save yourself money and help the planet by making your own Christmas gifts?
Greening your pet
Suzanne Elvidge looks at how to make your pet greener
Having an ethical festival
Can you be green while you camp? Suzanne Elvidge finds out
Oh nappy day
Suzanne Elvidge looks at how you and your young ones can be ethical and green with nappies
Is there such a thing as an eco holiday, asks Suzanne Elvidge
Exercising ethically
Exercise seems like a perfect way of getting close to the environment. However, exercise can involve a lot of ‘stuff’, some of it not particularly environmentally friendly.
A guide to recycling
Suzanne Elvidge offers the Surefish guide to recycling – what you can and can’t and why
Planning an eco-garden
How to have an ethical bedroom and how to be greener with certain activities that take place in them.
The ethical bedroom
How to have an ethical bedroom and how to be greener with certain activities that take place in them.
A greener kitchen
This month Suzanne Elvidge looks at green cooking and doing the washing up afterwards. And no, not just boiling cabbages
Preserving the harvest
Suzanne Elvidge looks at alternative ways of saving food to cut down on trips to the supermarket
Are you sitting ethically?
Suzanne Elvidge finds out what happens to wood that's salvaged from the rubbish dump
tap Saving water
Suzanne Elvidge looks at ways to save water
Tree planting projects
How Christian Aid works with overseas partners involved with tree planting schemes
Gardening More than skin deep
How to pamper the planet and yourself at the same time
Carrots Miles better
Suzanne Elvidge asks what is a food mile and is organic more ethical?
Why recycle?
Suzanne Elvidge on why recycling is so important
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